Committee Members

The Village Hall Committee is:

Chairman – Phil Cooke
Treasurer – Pauline Cooke
Secretary – Pam Turner
100 Club – Phil Cooke
Member – John Atkinson
Member – Jayne Davis
Member – Wendy Fabian

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Chairman’s Report from the 2018 AGM

I’d like to express my thanks to all of the committee members for their work during the year and especially to the 4 outgoing committee members for all of their help and assistance during their time on the committee. Sarah, Guy, Martin and Bobbie, many thanks for your help and we look forward to seeing you at our future events. Over the past 12 months we’ve seen 4 committee members step down and 1 new member join. The duties of the treasurer also changed over during the year and are now being undertaken by Pauline Cooke.

The last 12 months has seen a few new events take place within the Village Hall, we now run a successful Table Tennis evening twice a week and a popular coffee morning once per month. Both events help us to bring in a regular income which is much needed as the Hall is not in a great state of repair. We also have a regular booking from May Hill Table Tennis Club who will now start using the hall for their matches as well as for training. This may possibly lead to further use once other teams or clubs become aware of our facilities. We were running a monthly Friday evening social event which was initially successful but sadly due to dwindling villagers attending became non-viable.

We continue to host once per year, the bi-annual skittles against Pauntley/Brand Green and I’m happy to state that we are the current holders of the trophy. We are always looking for players and you’d be more than welcome if you’d like to join us.

Our regular Christmas Meal last year was held in the daytime as opposed to the evening. Whilst it is appreciated that this time does not suit everyone, it does enable the committee members and helpers, especially the Girl Guides who support us with the washup up, to get home at a reasonable time after the event.

We have needed to make some emergency repairs to the Village Hall due to water ingress and strong winds and all maintenance has been reactive rather than proactive. The Hall is not in a good state of repairs and there are many other aspects that might require our attention in the coming months in order to keep it in a condition where we can be proud to host those that book it or indeed for our own events.
All of this requires funds and you’ll hear from our treasurer what our income and expenditure was for last year as well as a projected income for the next 12 months. We’ve taken steps to reduce costs where we can and make savings where possible.

We’ve also improved the facilities available to those who hire the Hall. We now have an audio system in the main hall which enables music, radio or other audio devices to be connected. We have bought a projector which can also be connected to the audio system such that it can be used for presentations or other audio-visual events. The doors through to the toilets and chair/table store were also replaced with much nicer doors and there are now glazed panels in the doors through to the main hall which brings a safety benefit as we can now see who might be behind the doors when entering or leaving thus reducing any collisions which might take place.

The hall lease has only a few more years to run before we need to renegotiate with the Church for continued use or to make alternative arrangements. We are starting to look at various options in order to improve the facilities we offer as I don’t believe it would be good for the village if we lost the Communal Hall facility as this would impact the various groups who do use the hall.

Our regular users remain faithful to us, the WI and Kick Boxing club continue to use the hall on a regular basis and Mike Manning’s quizzes, one of which he holds for the benefit of the Hall, are always popular, but more regular users or more one-off bookings would always be welcome.

We’ve sadly had to cancel a few events due to lack of attendees and have had disappointing numbers at a couple of others. We need to understand what events the Villagers want to see held but also to engage with them to ensure they attend and make the events a success. We are always looking for additional volunteers and event ideas and if anyone would like to join the committee to assist us, we’d be very grateful. Please come and see us after the meeting to discuss either joining the committee or to let us know events you’d like to see held.

One event we do hold than continues to be enjoyed by many of the villagers and also brings in much needed funds is the 100 Club. We have a few spare numbers which will be available in the New Year and would welcome anyone who would like to join. The draw for this quarter will be held at the end of this AGM, so good luck to everyone that has a number.
In conclusion, the current committee members and I would like to thank all of those who contributed to the success of the Village Hall over the last 12 months, either as a volunteer or by attending events and we look forward to welcoming even more people into the hall over the coming 12 months.