Hills Ford 3 Stages Closed Road Rally – 18 Sept 2022

The organisers of the Hills Ford 3 Stage Rally is holding a series of public meeting as part of their on-going communication in engaging with residents with regard to this year’s Rally which passes through the parish of Upleadon.  The meeting will be held in Upleadon Village Hall between the hours of 11.00 and 2.00 pm on  Saturday 7th May 2022 where details and information will given as well as the opportunity to ask questions/queries.  The draft stage map, provisional stage times and road closure times will be available.  If a resident has  a specific question or concern a member of the team would be happy to arrange specific time during the session to discuss in more detail if required.* Everyone is welcome.

*Please email Cheltenham Motor club on 3shirestages@cheltmc.com for specific meeting times and one of the organisers will get back to you.